Peace Salaam

Music. Wisdom. Peace.


  • Peace – It’s a white dove flying in midair in the last gleam of twilight
    It’s the sound of the azan from a masjid calling congregants to prayer
    A church bell pealing at sundown amidst children’s laughter at a park
    A respite to the restless souls—until new a day comes at dawn

  • Salaam – It’s a good book you are reading in the silent of the night;
    A soft music on your headphone as you ponder the future, the present & the past
    It’s the gentle waves lapping on the shorelines, lolling you to sleep…
    Your mind writing song about a woman (you have met), inspiring you to write poetry in peace

  • Shalom – it’s the beginning of a song you are writing on her behalf…
    Her charming smile capturing your imagination; your heart hungering for a romance
    Form your fingers into an A-minor chord as you pluck the strings of your acoustic guitar
    Wait for the melody to flow like a river: A divine gift; like fish in the water…

  • Paz – it’s a seed of tolerance, understanding and patience…!
    The antidote to war, hatred, bigotry and intolerance
    It’s the universal language of kindness, love and consideration
    Go past the labels of ideology and religion…
    Every faith teaches love, peace and compassion

  • Kapayapaan – it’s a communication and dialogue between two adversaries;
    A good-hearted conversation with no demands and preconditions.
    Just mutual respect; a smile and a firm hand shake across the table
    Like Sharon and Arafat at Camp David: Good men casting aside pride and hostilities
    For the sake of the new generations…(to co-exist in peace and compassion)

By Morsidy Husin